The complete service we provide

Reporting and Compliance

To ensure regulatory compliance we provide a complete audit trail and 100% production services with full reporting. This is supplied through automated verification and confirmation services, optimised production workflows and a read in, read out system for final despatch.

Product disposal

We can handle both hazardous and non-hazardous return items and these can be either returned to manufacturer, repaired, recycled or disposed with certified destruction if required. We ensure that we are fully compliant with EU/current regulations on any product disposal.

Data Management

Data collection and data reporting to ensure compliance with regulations and Codes of conduct. Data updates on identifying features such as VIN or(model/serial number) recall batch progress and outreach to track and trace secondary VIN (model/serial number) owners. PAF (Post Office Address Finder) & Mortality Screening; Updating Recall Management Data against customer’s own database.

Assistance and Support

Assisting organisations with recall initiatives, including spare parts allocation, appointment booking, appointment follow ups. Status and update reporting on recall progress. Stock and Storage of printed recall stationery items. Depending on volumes we offer brand compliant pre-printed or white paper solutions; managing call centre staff levels to cover volume of call peaks; data recording of call/e-mail statistics and outcomes; data validation and correction. Voucher/reward allocation and distribution: with secure storage and despatch.

Project management

Supporting of supply chain management activities to ensure a smooth supply and allocation of parts required for repair or product retrieval, Management of multiple recall and prioritisation for full compliance. We recognise the importance of proactive project and account management. We aim to become an extension of your own project team. Account management selection is one of the most important decisions we as an organisation we have to make, not only a people chemistry and cultural fit but also that of capability and correct skill sets.

Outbound/Inbound communications

1st class Post and/or Recorded Delivery/Signed Postal Services and Mailmark Tariffs. Full colour print and mail and follow up mailings if required. Choice of ongoing multi-channel communication programmes - call centre, direct mail, web, email, SMS, multi- media, setting up of white labelled contact centre. Confirmation of timely completion of all repairs or product retrieval/disposal to the required standards.

Design and Creative

We have a full studio and design offering to create brand compliant purpose built communications. This can apply not only to the communication piece but also the outer envelope as we have the capability to personalise the outers of each communication.

Experience analysis

GI has been working with its clients in excess of  20 years offering complex communication solutions and the Recall management team have 25 years of experience in handling automotive recalls; product recalls, and associated data processing and management; reporting, response handling as well as print, fulfilment & mailing.